Building heat loss

Non invasive inspection of a building's heat loss

Walls and ceilings

image shows difference in temperature of ceiling with some insulation missing

Many buildings, especially older ones have little or no insulation by today's standards. Heat, invisible to the naked eye, will be escaping constantly from the building, leading to spiralling heating bills. The level of insulation can be detected and increased following a Thermal Inspection, reducing the overall running costs of the property.

A thermal imaging survey will expose the building's areas of thermal weakness at a cost effective price. Remedial work should show an immediate reduction in heating costs.

Door and Windows

image showing a poor seal between door frame and wall

Door and window can leak a lot of air if they are not fitted correctly or the seals have become warn or squashed over time. As warm air rises through the building the pressure difference cause cold air from the outside to be sucked in through these gaps, causing anoying drafts and meaning you heating will have to work harder, costing you more money.

By High-lighting these area's through a Thermal Image means they can be rectified by resealing them quickly and easily saving you money on expensive heating costs.

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